You learn over time that you have no control over your life or career, no matter what you do. Yes but this is usually self-taught “learning.” The source of which is someone existing in a tiny universe called “me.” Trouble is it’s inbred with negativity that is completely repetitive.

I met Seligman in 2013 and he did emphasize the dilemma of generalizing from the specific: I didn’t do well with that employee conflict situation, I’m no good with people.

Seligman also highlighted his PERMA model.

Positive emotions — feeling good

Engagement — being completely absorbed in activities

Relationships — being authentically connected to others

Meaning — purposeful existence

Achievement — a sense of accomplishment and success

I also learned from Seligman to stay out of the “victim arena,” you shift your view of stress. Stress is not your enemy but rather your teacher. Stress is not debilitating you. It is giving you information to act on. You could say, If you don’t manage stress it manages YOU.

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