What is Presence? A nice suit, shiny shoes? No…

What is Presence and why is it the most difficult thing for any manager to develop?

This is what I was asked at a recent workshop for new managers….What is Presence?

Well first, I don’t mean a nice fitting suit, shoes and a haircut. There is presence and there’s Presence.

Anyone and Everyone

Anyone can make the observation that what is most difficult to develop is what is most lacking. Everyone can make a difference.

Presence means your knowledge of Self and insight, awareness and understanding are the overriding energy you use to be, to interact and respond to situations and people.

You don’t react based on conditioning.

Why do I think that Presence is so important, so needed?

All that we take in (and give out) through experiences, training, the small biases we feel, how others respond to us…..is filtered through and influenced by our Presence or lack there of.

Let’s say the pressures of work — producing in the face of disappointments, frustrations and subsequent day-to-day stress overwhelms the manager and he/she dismisses a poor performing employee as a bum, a loser, worthless. Well, where does that employee have to go from there? They aren’t leaving but you just wrote them off and closed the door on any improvement.

Do you get a sense of the depth of influence with this manager’s approach?

On the other hand if the manager had Presence he would be able to pivot in real time, right in front of the difficult employee and remember that people are the basis of productivity and profit. Presence would prompt the manager to the fact that, it’s management’s function to help people be productive. He would then work to create an environment of possibility — creating a space for improvement rather than dismissing the employee and closing things off.

With Presence, you don’t lose yourself or come unhinged or hijacked by the situation.

How to begin to develop Presence as a manager:

This is not training but rather transformation.

Be still for a moment. Pause and collect yourself. Look back at some of your reactions and the conditioning that influenced them. That’s the starting place for improvement.

Be deliberate and take the high road. Don’t follow conditioned reactions, mass culture or societal norms. Look at everyone with the eyes of an advocate. I am not saying you have to love everyone. I am asking you to tolerate the challenging people and don’t look at them with condemnation and accusing eyes. Avoid judging and labeling people — putting them in easy to dispose of dehumanized categories, he’s a loser or she’s a socialist.

Apply observation and understanding not condemnation. Everyone is going through something you know nothing about.

Presence on the outside looks like poise, self-control, self-possession. From the inside it looks or feels like insight into the human condition, understanding, pardon, forgiveness, patience and space.

The three hardest things for any human to do are based on Presence not technical skill.

They are:

  • Returning love for hate
  • Including those who are excluded
  • Admitting that you are wrong

Kindness is a language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.Mark Twain

Presence is simple but difficult. That’s why you don’t see it as often. Management is more challenging today but it is also more rewarding.

What people want is deep and simple — understanding, a smile. What we often get is shallow and complex, performance evaluations, data, models and flow charts

Your deep and simple efforts creates the most impact!

Brian Braudis is a coach who writes about improvement. He specifically writes to help managers and supervisors create a better workplace. For nine years he has shared insight, approaches and support for the pursuit of your personal and professional best. Join Brian’s list and get the new report, Management is the New Leadership: How to create a breakthrough in productivity and engagement.

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