The problems you point out are pervasive. They have been there since Biblical times. The performance review process highlights what is already there.

Managers everywhere struggle as documented here, Almost 70% of Managers are Scared to Talk to Their Employees and, Two-Thirds of Managers are Uncomfortable Communicating With Employees.

The Gallup Organization surveyed more than 1 million U.S. workers and found the number one reason people quit their job is because of a bad boss or a bad immediate supervisor.

Me too, I had several bosses who were abusive. One, after leaving a wake of suffering was eventually stripped of his supervisory role and relegated to operating a forklift.

Bad bosses gave me incentive to becoming a boss myself. I can tell you the training I received is inadequate to create what you pointed out as good management, mutual accountability and empowerment.

These are not competencies that are taught. Rather they are human values, qualities, a genuine desire to treat others well in the desire to elevate humanity to its rightful place.

One has to want to make a difference. Good leadership/management takes skill and will.

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