People Over Profit

Most companies pursued profits at the expense of everything else. That was the prevailing thought in the past. It was believed that resources, things, people, were all replaceable and didn’t matter — nothing mattered as much as profit. It used to be that supply exceeded demand….

Today, not all companies blindly pursue profit at the cost of everything else. Howard Schultz spent a large portion of Starbucks annual shareholders’ meeting discussing his progressive social beliefs and the good companies should be doing.

Google, LLBean, Cisco, Microsoft and others are doing similar things. In fact, Salesforce recently leveled the pay gap dilemma by equally paying across gender lines…. For some, the focus has shifted.

Some companies have come to realize that it is profitable to put people ahead of profit. When employees are happy, they make customers happy and when customers are happy, they spend more, visit more and shop more often.

An effort to prioritize and invest in the area closest to profit generation tends to generate more profits!

If you look, you can find even more evidence of the People Over Profit shift.

  • There will be swift transitions ahead and our highest and most unquestionable assets will be motivated men and women guaranteeing our future with their ideas. John Gardner, 1993
  • The largest influence on “hard factors” such as profit, numbers, etc…come from “soft factors” such as people. Tom Peters, 1982
  • Here’s a warning shot across the bow…….Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (Deloitte Global) survey of nearly 8,000 young professionals from 29 countries, most said business is too focused on a narrow agenda of profit and product, rather than on improving society by addressing the purpose and people of business.

Some companies get it. They know what the Big Rocks are. I believe we are on the cusp of a major shift toward a people-centered workplace and more humanity at work. It’s the only answer in an economy where people’s ideas, energy and enthusiasm are the value.

Today, people are the competitive advantage.

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