Good article Carol:

In my experience, the anger you write about is not a cloak. It comes from the inside out. It’s more a core of burning embers. Some burn hotter than others. Some die down at times but are still there and could flare up with a catalyst like alcohol, fear, jealousy, a threat to “manhood,” and so on……Attempts to completely extinguish the embers — especially from the outside, are fruitless.

The only way out for men is the desire to change needs to be greater than the status quo. You transform the heat from the inside. Anger is transmuted to love by advancing and growing knowledge, understanding, insight and awareness….through extended, strenuous, disciplined effort. I cannot emphasize, bold, highlight or underline enough the effort that is needed. Words cannot describe with precision the necessary effort.

Words also cannot describe the outcome. The result is Presence. You develop a Presence, a strength that — from the inside, overrides any anger, rage, fear, insecurity or perceived threat that may come up. Presence flows into everything you do. Your world has changed and thus you are now changing the world.

Of course, it’s not just men who would benefit from this effort. We could all use a little improvement, even if it’s just creating the climate, the space for improvement.

For long-term health, well-being and improved humanity, it’s better if this effort begins early on at home but here we are.

What I described is true freedom. You become the master of your destiny rather than struggle as the servant of your circumstance.

Knowing that you did it opens the door for all of humanity and that is heart warming!

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